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Every since discovering AMDiscs, Jogging House has always been one of our favorite experimental electronic musicians affiliated with that label. Hailing from Germany, he creates some of the most unsettling and yet most endearing R&B-influenced glo-fi to be found on the blogosphere. Known for his heavy use of pitch-shifted vocals, Jogging House has consistently been featured on our VHS Wave mix series, and we’re very happy to have finally been able to catch up with him about what makes him tick. We hope you enjoy this brief conversation we had with him, and be sure to check out Jogging House's most recent release, Into. His previous EP, Longings, is excellent as well. Without further ado, Jogging House.

1. What is the story behind the moniker “Jogging House”?

Well, I like to get as comfy as possible when I make music. So I’m always wearing these somewhat ridiculous sweat pants. And in Germany we call those pants “Jogging Hose”. So I just added an “U” to make it sound more international. So far, I’m really happy with the name as it doesn’t have a specific meaning and leaves room for interpretation. People seem to understand it in different ways, which is what I was aiming for.

2. How would you describe your own music?

It’s definitely chilled, I guess. For me making music is some kind of self meditation, I try to be free and just follow the sounds. And I want that feeling to translate into my tracks. It started out a little more hip-hop/r’n’n oriented and now I’m exploring more hypnotic and slightly esoteric soundscapes. But there is no general ruleset to a Jogging House track. They are just a reflection of my current state of mind. I don’t really want my music to be linked to any trends because I really don’t care about what’s hip. The most important thing is, that my music is positive and optimistic. I want people to calm down for a few minutes when they listen to my tracks, to make them remember certain emotions and to jut let loose. If I made something too dark, I would release it under a different name.

3. What are your greatest influences (artists, experiences, weather, etc.)?

Of course I love listening to music and that’s what got me into making tracks myself. But I wouldn’t call that an inspiration. Sometimes I try to make sounds or melodies reminiscent of certain older tunes - mostly from the 80s - but that is more a technical exercise and an inside-joke with myself. I get more inspired by nature actually. Many of my tracks were made when I was on vacation. I love to look at something beautiful while writing music. At home in Frankfurt I don’t have such a great view from my studio, so I tend to take long walks through parks or along the river between producing beats.

4. What is your opinion on the ever-changing structure of independent music?

There are new sub-genres popping up all the time and hypes to be followed. And they vanish as quickly as they arise. Also, with all these available media channels, that you have to feed if you wanna get heard, independent artists have to be entrepreneurs at the same time. And both developments make music in general become more of a consumer good than a piece of culture. So I try to keep a healthy balance at this and not to be too distracted by all this stuff at the same time. If I make something that fits people current perception of the world, it’s fine. And if it doesn’t, it’s still fine.

5. Does making music pay the bills? Is it more of a dedicated hobby?

It’s just a dedicated hobby, I’m afraid. I’d love if it would pay the bills, though. And I’m still trying to make that happen to some extend without losing my soul. But it’s tough as hell.

6. What do you do for a living, and do you like it?

I develop creative concepts for advertising campaigns on a freelance basis. So agencies book me for certain jobs that usually take a few weeks. I’m in the business since 10 years and to be honest, I’m not sure if I still like it. With time I got more distant to the whole industry and the huge amount of nonsense that goes with it. Because simply put: Advertising the most useless thing on earth. Which at the same time inherits part of the attraction, I guess. I definitely could do more useful things with my life. But it also pays the bills which obviously is a fact I can’t neglect. So for the time being I will have an ambivalent feeling about my career. Ask me again next year and we’ll see if I changed things or not …

7. What are some other things you enjoy about life besides art?

When I’m alone, I tend to be an inside person, actually. (Which is another reason for me to go on walks everyday just to keep a healthy life balance.) I’m a huge movie buff. You know, the guy that has seen almost everything. Also, I really dig video games and watching sports. Besides that, I just wanna hang out with my girlfriend and my friends. They really are what’s important in my life and they are doing a terrific job at keeping me sane. I love going on hikes or vacations with them, visiting concerts or just having a good time bbq-ing. Basically just being at ease and letting the mind dangle.

8. As a known music fan, what are some of best musical experiences you have had with other people’s music?

Like everybody else, I have these special albums that I cherish. Some of them since many years. And when I listen to them, I have the feeling that these persons whom I never met in my life are expressing my exact thoughts and emotions. Which is the weirdest thing, actually, because it’s nothing more than a coincidence. But there are these moments when everything about an album is real and true - and the music becomes so much more than sound. Sometimes it’s the place your mind is in, sometimes it’s the place you are physically at that works with the music. And sometimes it’s just like the artist entered your brain, dug up your most personal thoughts and made tunes out of them. Only music can do that and it is what makes it so special. So my best experiences are the moments in which I realized that I will love an album for the rest of my life. Specially with my favorite album: “I see a Darkness” by Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy.

9. Also, what are some of the most memorable moments for you in your own musical journey?

I never had musical training or learned to play an instrument when I was young. What I do is completely self-taught and kind of a solitary thing. So I don’t really think of myself as a musician. It’s just something I started doing because I take pleasure in it. But now people - I may even call them fans - get in touch with me, telling me about the special moments they had with my music. And the thought that I made something that inspires others is just beyond me. It’s such a motivating experience and makes me realize that I actually am a musician. And there’s nothing in life that I’d like to be better.

10. What’s your favorite film from the 80’s?

Man, this question is almost impossible to answer. Most of my favorite movies are from that time and there are too many to mention. But if I’d have to pick a true 80s movie, a film that I loved for as long as I can remember, it would be “Back to the Future”. It has a great story, fantastic entertainment, a kick-ass soundtrack and Michael J Fox. It’s pure cinematic gold and dazzles me every time I watch it. 

MP3 Download of “Woman”, by Jogging House (from the Longings EP)

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Into, by Jogging House ]

'Into' is officially released! I'm very excited to announce that my new album is now available via NOORDEN. And you can download it right now from my Bandcamp page. iTunes and Amazon will follow soon. Same goes for the tape version.

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